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Originally Posted by Frankspark View Post
To be honest my oil cap says dexos5w20 but I'm yet to see any oil maker stamp a 5w20dexos approved sticker on there bottle right now the only reason I'm useing m15w30 is because its desks approved I change my oil every 2k miles I'm about do for my third change and I was wondering if any other brand synthetic meets dexos and is available in 5w20. Thanks for your response and thanks for the warm welcome
I haven't looked into this as yet but if I find out what other brand's synthetic oil meet dexos and is available in 5w20, i'll make sure to let you know.

At the moment, im guessing Motul carries this.

Originally Posted by Frankspark View Post
I love m1 but I'm not sure about there 5w20 I called mobil and they said they don't know when they plan on adding the additives in there 5w20 they told me to use 5w30 for the time being because I could void my warranty if I don't use anything that isn't dexos approved
Mobil 1 is usually good for this kind of stuff, I guess the market for that specific blend of oil isn't big enough for them to get into it yet. I wonder why GM had to go with that for the Spark, why not keep things simple?

It's a simple car, which is a great thing, why complicate things?

Originally Posted by Frankspark View Post
This is the first year a gm car was ever factory filled with 5w20 this dexos stuff started in 2011 and it was Allways 5w30 not this 5w20 crap
I'm starting to think they added that oil this year to help with fuel economy or something as important as that, Otherwise I bet some "regular" oil can be used.
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