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Originally Posted by rfruth View Post
On a 1 to 10 scale how would you rate the factory sound system - can you get a better sound system with different trim levels ?
sorry for the LATE response... this board is just so DEAD there was no reason to check up

id give it a 3 only because its 4 speakers and they aren't blown off the bat.

but they are pretty crappy

Originally Posted by chevysub View Post
Although I know a factory sound system on the Spark won't be good, it's always good to question what it's like. On a $12k car we can't expect much.

@OP would you be able to run us through a DIY of this? I know some people would appreciate knowing how to take apart their door panel without breaking anything.

What specific speakers did you use?

Did you wire the speakers directly to the back of the headunit or did you splice into the OEM speaker wires?

4 speakers ... 2 in the dash and 2 in the trunk...

Rear Speakers are super easy
theres 3 ways to do it depending on the speakers you buy...

1. Buy metra harnesses and its just plug and play

2. splice wires.

3. (what i did) crack open the factor harness with a heat pen and just twist wires together and duck tape them.

front speakers
i would advise you to either find the smallest flat head screw driver or buy one... a hobby store should carry tiny flat heads.

same as rear speakers either get a harness, splice, or crack open the plug and wire away.

Its really simple just a but time consuming depending on the route you choose
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