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Wink You can still save on gas

Originally Posted by SRTViperDude View Post
I would buy an EV but I drive 100 miles a day. Unless I can recharge at work, I'd still have to buy gas.
You have three choices to save gas:

1. Buy a Chevy Volt, which will use gas only for the last 60 miles (that is a 40% gas savings), and is a terrific ride, too.

2. Buy a Tesla Model S which has a 200 mile range, and is the best American car ever produced (Consumer Reports gave it a 99 out of 100 - a first for ANY car), and one of the best car ever made!

3. Move closer to your job. I did this over 30 years ago and I saved thousands of dollars in gas and thousands of hours in travel time every year.

You can also get a closer job, work at home, or marry someone rich (and never work again) but that is probably harder to do.

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