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wifi booster/when and how to turn wifi

It's gotten to the point where I need help.

My mother has moved to Lucan towers, and apparently she has problems with TV because of a new router (my wife told me there is a problem, as my mother hinted at it. Being a person I didn't recognize, I foolishly assumed that if there was a problem, she would just tell me and ask for help)

In any case, it's not as easy as it seems.

I would have thought at first that it would be best to use those wired plugs that actually connect the TV to the router, however, she has moved into a new purpose-built extension adjacent to the main house, and although we only get one electricity bill, she has her own fuse, so I wonder if this option will actually work?

If the above is not effective, then is there a decent wireless amplifier and do they work?

Another complication.

The main problem is the TV in the bedroom with Netflix, etc., But now she also wants a fire stick. If the "wired" connection works, is it just a case of connecting the TV to an amp outlet?

TV number 2 is located in her living room and is controlled by SKY Q mini box from the Q box in the main house. It works fine, but fell a couple of times if you connect the plug-in that would work whether the TV was plugged into it or in the box??????

By the way, could anyone tell me how to turn wifi?

Thank you
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