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Originally Posted by Muller21QQQ View Post
There is such an intense discussion going on at the world forum about the recent Smoking ban... so I decided to start a real topic where people can discuss vaping and the health consequences, if any.

A lot of "facts" are thrown around whether it is bad for someone, good or indifferent. So let's get to the point.

Thoughts? Questions? Requests?
Hello to all the vapers. I think that there is nothing to worry about. If you read somewhere that vaping is killing or causing serious harm to health, then know that this is nonsense. Scientists and various biologists have long proved the fact that vaping is completely safe! There are no recorded cases of death because of vaping. You should understand that there is vapor from the liquid instead of cigarette smoke with ammonia and other toxic substances. This is much better, it's not so harmful for sure. If you donít believe me, you can find out a lot of interesting information about vaping and liquids on the official vape shop page on the Internet.
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