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Instagram hurting skiing career

personally, I don't participate in Instagram, I have nothing against it, I just think it's a waste of time and I find it uninteresting. Mostly I didn't care about what most people do outside of real life, whether it's skiing, personal life, etc. I find this whole part of the "online ego" is very stupid. In any case, I've almost reached the point in my skiing where I think I could make a full-time career out of it. I'm not saying that I'm some hot shot that deserves professional status right now, basically just saying that I'm confident enough in my abilities as a skier that as long as I keep progressing at this rate, I'll be at the "professional"level in the coming years. Now, without social media, do you think any company would be willing to support me or throw me gear? After all, companies need people who will sell the most gear, not necessarily those with the best skiing abilities. Without social media, I would be considered "non-marketable". I understand that I should have some kind of media presence ( edits, photos, interviews, etc.) (which I shouldn't, by the way) but do I really need to be on Instagram? It's sad that, in the end, instagram followers have more influence over the company's support than their skill. Let me know what you guys think, thank you.
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