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Really deep in to kratom addiction

Hey, guys, it's been a while since I've been here. Last time I was here, I told you all about the miracle drug Kratom. After a month of intensive use, I now get up to 35 grams of dry leaf powder a day. Everyone on reddit told me to start slowly so I wouldn't build tolerance so quickly, but it seemed like a miracle cure. A great feeling of euphoria, comparable to heroin in large doses, but easy to take. They all said that side effects are rare and everything will be fine. Now I carry a small brown bag of 25 grams and a tablespoon. I take anywhere from 5-6 tablespoons a day and just put the dry powder on my tongue and trace it with water.

Now I can only $#@! once a week, if I'm lucky, I also carry chair softeners and take 8 of them a day. My poop looks grainy, like a rabbit's or a deer's. Very dry and often covered in blood from a dry leaf tearing my intestines and sphincter. I tried to stop for a day, but a few hours later I was throwing dry powder into my mouth. I can already say that this drug will ruin my life, and I blame the DEA and the FDA. They let stores smoke, and every Tom dick and Harry sell it on the streets and online. They haven't done any research, so it's up to me to decide if it's safe or not. Trust me and my damaged colon, stay away from this drug unless you use big silver bullets and dildos to stretch your anus. I now realize that my only hope is to start training my ass so that a dry leaf can easily pass.
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