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SEO on Private Forum??

My site was a private site from the very beginning. If you go to my site and don't log in, you won't see anything. If you log in as a registered user, you still won't see anything. Only if you pay for access will you now be able to see what's inside.

I've been doing a lot of research on SEO lately and found that Google just loves those long descriptive URLs in the title.

So it made me think that I have a huge amount of content! We all know how much Google “likes” words!!! There are more than 2 million posts on my forum!!! Google should just love me ... if they can read this???

I assume this is not possible because I have an “unregistered” user group set to all NO.

If I want my site to remain private, But I want it to also be loved by Google, what do you recommend? How would you do that?

I've really simplified my site since the first of this year! Now I'm in the cloud and done with my server. This significantly reduced costs! And the new features, mobile features, advertising opportunities, and the like really got my existing membership very Excited!!!

now I want to start attracting new members. I think making my site super SEO friendly can be very important. I am open to any suggestions.

Thank you very much for your help!
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