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�Eyes Free� Provides Chevy Spark & Sonic with Apple�s Siri

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‘Eyes Free’ Provides Chevy Spark & Sonic with Apple’s Siri

Multitasking while driving just got a bit easier. Popular Apple A.I. assistant Siri will become available in the Chevy Spark and Sonic, allowing drivers to access the platform with the simple touch of a button via the vehicle’s steering wheel.

“It says a lot about our commitment to small-car customers that Chevrolet has announced that Siri Eyes Free capability will be available in the Spark and Sonic well before the luxury brands,” emphasized Cristi Landy, a marketing director with automobile manufacturer.

The move provides drivers with the ability to perform tasks such as accessing appointments, composing text messages, playing songs from iTunes and making voice-activated calls.

Siri, meanwhile, isn’t the only major component available in the vehicles. Chevy is also providing buyers with six months of direction and service from OnStar.
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