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I was looking at the Honda Fit. The interior looks very cheap compared to the Spark. They are more available than the Spark though. Which one has more storage space?
I agree, the Fit interior does look a bit cheap but the only thing about the interior on the Fit that I like more than in the Spark, is the dash. Honda has done well with designing a dash that gives the Fit more of an expensive feel.

Haven't seen the Fit or Spark in person to say which has more storage space but here are the spec's:

Honda Fit Storage Space (2012 Model):
Seats upright: 20.6 cu. ft.
Seats folded (maxium): 57.3 cu. ft.

Chevy Spark Storage Space (2013 Model):
Seats upright: 11.4 cu. ft.
Seats folded (maxium): 31.2 cu. ft.

and the Fit win's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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