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2013 Chevy Z Spec

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2013 Chevy Z Spec Performance model @ The Detroit Auto Show

Does any body know the specs of the Spark Z Spec I can cant seem to find anything on it. Looking really good though.

Look **** close to the rendering they had a while back

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Liking how they stayed true to the original rendering. Seems like they really want to bring a Chevy Spark Z Spec to market otherwise they wouldn't go this far with it. I guess now we just need to wait on a Chevy Spark Z Spec release date!

Aside from an aero kit, modified interior & wheels, i wonder what else they have done to it.
the Chevy Spark Z Spec look clean with cosmetic add ons. But i'm hoping they look in to performance mods as well to live up to the name.
So far the Chevy Spark Z spec just seems to be a trim upgrade and doesnt offer any real performance upgrade that is significant. But that is one good looking spark. i wonder if Chevy would ever carry over the sonic turbo engine to the spark. that would draw some interest but not sure what that would do to the pricing of the spark.
i like the looks of the z spec but it is still known to be a concept. When will this be released?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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