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Took one for a test drive, really liked it. The LS7 truly shines with this car and it feels like a perfect match for the chassis and suspension. Close to 50-50 weight distribution is also a big plus. I drove it on some busy local roads in Atlantic City and took it on the highway. Had both the top up and top down to see what the noise levels were like. Surprisingly, the noise wasn't too bad with the top down. The salesman pulled the M2W fuse to allow the exhaust to open up, and it sounded like a muscle car from the 60's. Cruising RPM is around 1,100 at 45 MPH in 6th gear, so it can be a great cross country car also. Only available with a manual transmission, which makes this a not-so-great daily driver IMO. Overall, the car was a blast to drive, and felt extremely precise in the corners. One of the best cars I've driven to date and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a weekend car or cross country cruiser. Two thumbs up.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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