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I'm an old lady with limited mechanical skills so don't know if I handle this on my own but it would be hard to come up with the $ for a repair shop right now. Here's my situation... I have a 2013 Spark with, I just found out, no tail or license plate lights after dark. The lights are set on automatic and the headlights are working fine. Brake and turn signals also seem to be working, just no rear running lights. The manual that came with the car tells you how to change the tail light bulbs but does not list a fuse location. A Google search gives several options, the most common is the #10 fuse in the main under-the-hood box. My manual lists that space as "unused." So, can anybody tell me where the appropriate fuse is located and maybe even what fuse I need to buy? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. TIA.
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