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2022 Spark LT manual, pedal area exposed confusion

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Hi! I got an LT manual in June and LOVE it. I was installing new all-weather floor mats and noticed that behind the pedals there's no carpet or cover - it's wide open and you can see insulation and part of what I'm assuming is part of the the steering? Is this normal? My concern is that this area will get covered with sand and debris and compromise this metal joint (?). See photo below. I’m wondering if maybe something got removed when they dealership installed the new alloy pedal covers or something was left off at the factory? Or is this normal? I"ve searched for photos and info about this area but no luck. Hoping you enthusiasts can help!

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My area is like that in my 21, seems normal. I don’t usually see any debris up that high so I think you’ll be ok
thanks! I'm hoping it will be ok, especially this winter with sand and debris, it does seem rather close to the pedals
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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