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After all things considered, my next car will be a hybrid

I’m like many of you, constantly shopping for cars. Am I in the market for one? Not really, we’ve had our current cars for less than two years, although that 2 year anniversary is coming up later this summer on our SUV. As much as I’ve fallen for the Scion FR-S, I’m not sure that’s in the works right now since our two cars are still relatively new.
So, my analytical skills have come into play and I realize thy there are SO many vehicles are now available in hybrid, electric, even diesel. These options really change the way I’m looking.
Why have I arrived at this staggering conclusion?
1) Gas prices are at $1.50 per liter!!!

Photo Credit: Ken Smith

Yes, I live in Canada, so that’s about $5.68 per gallon. We first heard of these rumors at the end of last summer that fuel prices would be hitting $1.50 plus for 87 gas (which neither of or cars take). Suddenly it’s a reality that to fill up, we’re north of $90 per tank.
2) Can’t afford a Fisker, yet.

More of SR Auto’s Fisker Karma

Ideally, my above mentioned analytical skills point to a Fisker. However, even with the fuel savings, it’s a bit out of the budget (for now). The positive here, my better half is warming up to the Fisker Karma. As the sales are picking up in Vancouver, even getting mods; more are on the road. With the anticipated fuel economy based on my collecting of gas receipts, my accountant would think that I had stopped driving. However, speaking of that accountant, does the electricity fueling my car now could as a tax deduction since my car is my work vehicle?
3) Not enough diesel options

Photo Credit: Cars Evolution

There are more options going to diesel, and I’m sure readers in Europe are thinking… Chris, that’s not new. But in Canada and the US, diesel outside of trucks, pick-ups Volkswagen TDI and Mercedes Bluetech, it is. Things like the SmartCar, the BMW X5, more Mercedes models have Bluetech Diesel. Although the cost might be less significant savings to a hybrid, the option to go biodiesel is attractive. Ideally, in this category, a diesel Range Rover e Diesel (pictured above) is at the top of my list. Where is it, Land Rover North America? I certainly don’t want to import it from Europe; please launch the e Diesel Plug in to North America too!!
4) More attractive Hybrids

Much like how we evolve as people… what we see currently in comparison to years past looks so much better. Have you ever looked back at old pictures of yourself? What were you thinking with that shirt???
So then, Toyota, why does the Prius still look the same? Thank goodness that the technology is now readily available in many cars without more than just a badge to identify itself. This being said, if I were to replace the SUV, the BMW Active Hybrid lineup is pretty impressive.
5) Electric Vehicle; not just yet

Read More: Roadmap to Green Cars

I guess I’m just not an early adapter. With the limited places to recharge, at this time, it would be difficult.
I remember in the 80′s my mom had a VW Rabbit that unfortunately didn’t make it up a hill on our way home. This happened more than once, and she made friends with the people who’s house phone we needed to use to call a tow truck. I feel a bit like this with the electric cars… stranded. If we only had a cell phone then, it wouldn’t have been so awkward. Let’s get a bit more traction on the electric vehicles first.
If I lived in a much colder environment, say, Edmonton, there would be ample plug-ins since the block heaters have been a feature used on cars to keep from freezing.
As much as I enjoy the reviews, and an impressed by the vehicles, it isn’t quite comfortable…yet. Just golf carts for now. In our environment, our electricity is sustainable and clean generated, but that’s not the case everywhere, and you could actually be having a larger carbon foodprint by going to electric. Check the article.
6) Performance is a Low Priority (bonus)

Majority of my driving is in the city, so performance is not really a top priority. Ideally with enough savings, there could be room in the budget/garage for a weekender. So, this car will not be going on the track, or to the track. Sorry, no hooning here.
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