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A New Treat For Chevy Spark EV Owners

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80% Charged in 20 minutes!

Electric vehicle charge time may appear to be primarily a convenience issue, but fast charging makes a tremendous difference where practicality is concerned.

The Chevy Spark is reportedly being offered with a fast-charging option that will charge the vehicle in 20 minutes. Relatively fast charge times of 20 minutes mean that it is more feasible to recharge your electric vehicle in public if you are almost out of range.

The Chevy Spark electric vehicle can apparently charge to 80% of its capacity in 20 minutes with the fast-charging capability. Using a standard 240 volt outlet, it takes 7 hours.

When shopping for an electric vehicle, one of my priorities would be charge time, because it dictates whether or not you can travel long distances. The Chevy Spark is $25,000 without tax credits. In the U.S, it will only be available in two states: California and Oregon.
It will also be available in Europe, South Korea, and Canada.
The Chevy Spark will also be equipped with the Apple Siri agent to assist the driver so they don’t have to look at the screen as often.

This is a major improvement from GM. Battery charge times have been decreasing. Many chargers are still designed for slow charging — as the fast-charging ones are larger, more powerful, and more expensive — but the ability of batteries themselves to charge faster has improved quite a bit.
It is now common for batteries to be capable of charging in less than an hour using the correct chargers.

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