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Hello. My wife and I are planning on buying a 2013 Chevy Spark LT. Neither of us are car people so I thought I would try here.

We just moved to NJ and she needs a car to commute to work (about 26 highway miles one way). I've read the car does good enough on the highway and in the snow. Plus it has OnStar which I want to get for crash notification and what not because she is a relatively new driver in this country.

The car does not come with factory installed remote start and I was thinking I could have someone install it after I buy it. But from what I've seen all the remote start kits online use a 2nd FOB.

I was hoping for something that would either integrate with the existing key FOB or replace it?

Any ideas? I don't mind paying money for it as long as my wife only has to carry around one key FOB and it will let her start the car remotely.

Thank you!
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