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Nintendo did not provide us any details about when the next update for ACNH comes in, in the latest update released in March for the first anniversary of New Horizons and the Sanrio update, no new activities and products added in May 2021. In the near future, a further report will arrive. We will be talking about the ACNH May Day 2021 and will this be included in the next update?
(February 27):
Date & Timing of ACNH May Day 2021 Where's the May Tour for ACNH?
The next version of the ACNH (1.10 update) has been announced and will take place on April 28. The ACNH May Day this year comes back to the New Horizons but its period is changing, with players being allowed to use their May Day tickets between April 29 and May 7 and to visit an island that is very fascinating. The style of the May Day Animal Crossing Tour is different. The same thing persists, the ticket will only run once, so choose a suitable time to go. If ACNH 2.0 Prediction is the same as last year so you will find Rover and either he will give you his case or this time there will be another reward.

This year Nintendo made a number of updates to the Animal crossing New Horizons events, for example shortening the Bunny Day period, adding a bunch of seasonal games rather than hosting events, one of the latest being Nature Day, canceling the special Nook Miles+ target and allowing players only to shop on a Cool Globe at Nook's Cranny with animal crossing bells. In 2021, Nintendo can't organize a May Day Tour. But May Day is one of May's most prestigious festivals. We expect some updates in May and this event to launch us. You could make any improvements at the May Day gathering, adding a new character, prizes, or animal crossing pieces could be a smart idea. I hope that when the Prom Saison ends, something different can be seen. Here we will change the specifics until we have new contents regarding the May Day case 2021.

ACNH Tour May Day — New Horizons Animal Crosses May Day Tickets, Awards and Articles
Let's look back at last year's May Day. In 2020, from 1 May to 7 May, Animal Crossing New Horizons took place. When you update the game and login during the game, Isabelle will notify you of the festival started in the morning.

He'll speak to Tom Nook, he'll tell you what you can hear about the May Day case and talk to Tom Nook. Go to the airport and talk to Orville, you could have a May Day Ticket left by Tom Nook, which is a small island tour ticket with your name written on it. Each player can only fly once during the event to May Day Tour Island, but before it ends, they can start their tour whenever they want. You must pass through the labyrinth without any instruments when you visit the island of May Day Tour with an ointment labyrinth and store your inventory in Orville. The labyrinth's architecture is as follows: players need to create tools for the island, tear plants out or smash rocks to navigate. Mistakes would require players to contact the Rescue Service to reset the island and restart.

On the May Day tour there are two rewards: a limit of 9 Bell voucher and a briefcase of the furniture object Rover. When you finish the labyrinth, Rover's Briefcase is the prize you will get. When you reach the end of the labyrinth in the upper right hand side, the Rover is on the floor, waiting for you to locate the returning character.

Up to 9 Bell Bonds can also be found on the whole of the Island of May Day, and sold for a total of 27 000 ACNH balls at Nook's Cranny. Behind a few trees, there are four Bell vouchers, and rocks are blocking five Bell vouchers. You won't be placed in your inventory on May Day prizes, just go to your home and find them in your Dodo Airlines mailbox. You cannot take all other things you get on the island when you come home.
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