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Ask any Korean: Chevrolet Spark is pretty in pink

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Sales of mini cars are strong around the world, but not so much in the U.S. The Smart car or Scion iQ haven't exactly set sales records, but that's not stopping General Motors from bringing its next small offering, the Chevrolet Spark, which will be even smaller than the Sonic it already has on sale.When you consider how the Spark has sold around the world, bringing it to the U.S. doesn't look so crazy anymore. It wasn't like GM had to develop a whole new car. Rather, all it had to do was modify the worldwide Spark to meet American safety and tech standards and smooth out its ride.
GM has amassed some interesting facts about the Spark, with sales of 600,000 worldwide and growing, since it launched in South Korea in 2009:

  • The Spark is the best-selling Chevy vehicle in India.
  • Pink is the preferred color in South Korea.
  • In Africa, customers' favorite color choices are red, cocktail green and atomic blue.
  • In Australia, the Spark was originally only offered with a manual transmission.
  • The Spark represents 40% of all General Motors vehicle sales in Lebanon.
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I am with the South Koreans on the color. I prefer it in pink.
You won't catch me rolling in a pink chevy spark! It's a cool looking color, wonder if it was inspired by any other car makers. Not a color you typically see on Chevy's.
I thought that green was too radical until i saw the pink. Its way to.. well girlie lol. But its good to cater to females. Im sure alot of women like the chevy spark because it offered in pink.
chev spark color

this andy , and want to tell the chev spark color
is aqua , because it is looking very good in this color,
pink color is some less good as compared to aqua color.
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I would prefer the red over anything else really pink was introduced by chevy to attract females and fortunately for them it worked. the mass number of sales are coming in as females.
In dense cities the Spark is where it'll be popular along with any other mini car. If you live in a large city with lots of highways and you plan to travel to other cities the spark might not be the best option. It's a great city car. That is why it is popular in places like India and Korea. Im surprised it doesnt sell as well in Japan and in some parts of europe where traffic is very dense.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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