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Greetings all,
I have owned my 2017 Spark for quiet some time. I went to get it recently inspected and my brake lights didnt work which was odd to me because they worked up until I got to the location.
Annnyway, to make a long story short two dealerships have replaced the brake light sensor switch twice and relearned the switches several times.
We have two options, either the brake lights are always on, or they came on randomly when I am driving but they do not remain on. So they come on even when I am not braking.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and what was the root cause and fix? I am sinking a lot of money into this and no one can seem to figure it out. Currently my dealership is reaching out to GM about it. They have had a mechanic on it for nearly 7 hours with no idea what the cause is.
I am not leaning towards a harness issue but perhaps a ground? Logic also dictates that perhaps it may be the brake pedal itself? The male port where the switch attaches?

All the research I have been able to come up with states that it is the brake sensor switch and that is all. I love this little car and thought it would be easier to work on but apparently I was wrong haha.

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