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Can a 2022 take 14" steel wheels for winter tires?

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Going to be buying winter tires and rims for my new 2022, just wondering if 14" rims will fit on the front over the calipers.

Thank you
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Yes... I have a Spark with 14" wheels...Works find...
Awesome. I like the smaller wheel, larger tire for winter.
I'm also looking to put 14" steelies on our '22 Spark 1LT for winter.

Has anyone managed to source a suitable 14" steel wheel from within Canada?

This is what I have found so far...

Wheel Automotive tire Camera lens Tread Font

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X41442 - Roue d'acier 14x5.5 4-100 | rssw

I ordered 4 of these from Canadian tire. According to the Macpek website these will fit the Spark. They actually have 3 different 14" rims they say will fit, and 16" for those going the other way.

It's a french site but your browser should be able to translate
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Ok, have the rims on the car now and they fit perfectly.
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I got my 14" steelies from @ $65 each delivered to the door. They fit very well - even the spigot bore is very close. Mounted Hakka R5 winters to them.

C-Wheels 14 in. Steel Wheel - X99148N
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