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Can I add key fob? 2020 LS

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I recently (7/14/20) purchased a 2020 Spark LS, it has an automatic transmission, but manual windows and door locks and it came with 2 keys no fobs or remotes. However, On Star and the MyChevrolet app can remotely unlock the doors, I couldn’t justify upping my price tag by nearly $3k for the LT with electric windows and locks, etc because I needed cheap and quick for commuting; however, it is rather annoyingly inconvenient to use the key to unlock one door or pull out my phone to use the app, especially when carrying items or whatnot.
Since they can remotely unlock, can I add a key fob? Surely that means it has the hardware for the key fob remote control functions, right ? Sure it would be nice to have the key and fob in the flip style or whatever but I honestly don’t care if it’s just a remote fob that I can program to lock and unlock.

Is this possible, how do I do it, and which fob do I purchase?
Salesman told me he wasn’t sure, and I haven’t followed up with him on it. I do have to take it in to service tomorrow because the microphone isn’t working for onstar or calls or anything, I hear them but they don’t hear me. So I will ask service at 8:30am today (7/27/20) about adding a key fob remote.

The price I paid for the brand new car can’t be topped, but if I went up to the LT I got basically electric windows and locks for about 3 grand more.... definitely not worth it, but another downer, the hatch door, doesn’t have a latch or handle, you have to insert the key and it unlocks and pops open... surely there’s an upgrade for that hardware or some kind of solution, that is probably just as annoying as the remote especially when putting away stuff for work or groceries etc.

We bought a 2019 spark last year for my husband, and it had electric windows and locks, unfortunately a month after purchase he was rear ended at about 45-50mph by a older chevy s-10 that bent the unibody and totaled the car. I think It was an LT, because it had key fobs, and the hatch door had a release lever to squeeze in order to open...

I know this stuff won’t be dirt cheap, and I am not worried about the windows... but surely there are solutions out there for the remote and hatch open lever that I can resolve for much less than $3k for the LT model... right??

Thanks for any help and advice and model/part #s and how-to’s that work lol


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Have you actually been using the Onstar app to unlock your doors or are you basing this scenario on the advertised capability? I find it highly unlikely that the app can unlock the doors on a car with manual locks. There is physical hardware necessary that is not present on a manual lock car, such as the RKE receiver and the motors for the locks. Adding this at the dealership would not be cost effective.

The best solution is to have an aftermarket alarm alarm installed and they will add all the necessary hardware to make it work with a remote. This will only cost a couple hundred at the most.
Okay a little digging revealed the following... on the most basic Spark LS the driver's door and only the driver's door has the actuator to make the Onstar remote unlock feature work. Since the door receives this signal through the Onstar radio it still lacks the necessary equipment (the remote keyless entry or RKE receiver) and the other 3 doors have no actuators.

You cannot simply add the spark remote to add these features. The best solution is to have an aftermarket alarm alarm installed and they will add all the necessary hardware to make all the doors and even the hatch open remotely with a remote. This will only cost a couple hundred at the most.
I like MyChevrolet a lot. I also initially solved my problem with this app, but then I figured out to take the key fob to repair. They do not only repair car doors but also Car Key Duplication. They reprogrammed the existing key fob, and it worked like new. But if you want a nice new key fob, you can take a blank one and program it for your car to open the doors and the windows and trunk. I like the key fob better than the physical one, even though I'm a retro lover. I'm already used to modern conveniences.
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