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Car stopped at intersection while waiting for Green light

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I replaced the battery in my wife's 2018 Chevy Spark ls on Sunday.
It did what it was supposed to do.and she went about her business on Monday.
Monday afternoon the car stopped while waiting for a green light. She said the shifter was stuck in drive and you couldn't shift it
She waited about a minute and got it started again.
No lights on the dash other than "change oil," light but she said there was a clicking sound from under the dash. I arrived to the spot where she was able to pull over at safely. I inspected the battery that I had just installed and made sure that the cables were installed properly. I trailed her home and waited about 15 minutes and then we went to AutoZone. Their scanner only found 1 code and it was for the ABS, but again, no lights on the dash. We just got home and the car functioned properly. Has anyone else experienced this?
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