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Change of perspective

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Bought my first "mini" car today, the Chevy SPARK, never thought I would buy something so small, but after test driving one, and realizing it feels spacious, peppy enough for most city driving in traffic, affordable, $13,500 brand new with auto, air, and all the other standard stuff, I feel stupid for ever spending $30,000+ on cars and suv's that really aren't that much different, and only get 15-20 mpg. I'm changing my perception on what cars like the SPARK offer. Cool things really do come in small packages?:)
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All GM vehicles, such as Traverse, Torrent, G6, Bravada, etc.
Yea, all my cars have been GM, I just like the looks of them better inside and out. I'll probably buy them till I'm dead, just hope they start making some electric vehicles that are affordable soon, I would love to have an electric car, but it needs to be $20,000 or less, and be able to go a little farther on a charge so you can feel safer driving it.
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