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Chevrolet says Spark is attracting young buyers thanks to price and colors

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Chevrolet has taken a bit of time out of his busy schedule pimping the new Corvette to talk a bit about its cheap car called the Spark. Chevy says that early buyer data for the car shows that 29% of people who buy are under 35. Chevy also says that half of those people are coming from non-GM brands.

Chevrolet is pointing to this data as an indication that the Spark minicar is bringing some of Chevrolet’s youngest buyers to the brand. Chevrolet data also shows that the Spark appeals mostly to female buyers with 51% of all Spark vehicles sold being purchased by women. That is a higher percentage of women buyers than any other vehicle in the Chevrolet fleet.

That’s actually an interesting metric considering that every other woman in my area is driving a Tahoe or Suburban. The most popular color for the tiny Spark is Salsa Red with 23% of buyers opting for that hue. Chevrolet’s data also shows that other bright colors are appealing to Spark shoppers with jalapeno green and denim blue being the second and third most popular colors.

Chevrolet notes that the biggest reason that buyers note for purchasing the Spark have to do with fuel economy and price. While the tiny Spark originally launched and only 18 markets, Chevrolet says the vehicle will be available in all 50 states in 2013. The tiny Spark is a four-passenger, five-door hatchback promising an EPA estimated fuel economy of 38 mpg on highway.

[via GM]

Chevrolet says Spark is attracting young buyers thanks to price and colors - SlashGear
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