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Advertising salvos usually signal a new car’s release, especially one that hasn’t been sold before, but that isn’t the case with the Chevrolet Spark.

At least it isn’t the case quite yet. GM plans to launch an ad barrage once the car makes it to enough dealerships, but for now the Spark is only available in select markets. The deliveries are so early, in fact, that members of the auto journalist community are attending a driving event for the car in Vancouver, Canada today.

Still, a few customers in Detroit, Fort Lauderdale and a total of 18 markets are taking delivery already. As the smallest car in Chevy’s range, and the cheapest in the segment, the bow tie brand execs are hoping that the car will help boost sales numbers among millennials, the demographic studies have shown time and time again to be more concerned with electronic entertainment and less with personal transportation.

Aimed at solving that problem, the Spark comes with tech features like a touch screen infotainment system that wouldn’t normally come with such a cheap car. It’s also taking a new tact with the Spark’s marketing campaign by turning to MTV Scratch, hoping to make more advertising moxie with young buyers.

So far, the Spark has been an easy sell for dealers, with Gordon Chevrolet near Detroit telling the Detroit News that it sold both delivered units right off the truck. That still doesn’t mean the car will be a winner in the U.S. market overall. It will take a few months of sales to determine that.

[Source: Detroit News]

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