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Chevrolet U.K. has quite the gift idea for you

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Heh, Christmas does get the best of us for most of the time and this must be what it did to Chevrolet UK’s marketing team. It’s either that or some extra “Christmas cheer” having been served in excess at somebody’s birthday recently.
Gift wrapped Chevrolet Spark

Here’s the deal, go to any of Chevrolet’s UK dealers and ask for a Spark. If you tell them the car will be a present the Chevy dealer will gift wrap it free of charge.

I’m not sure it’s a great idea but I reckon sales of the Chevrolet Spark have mostly been related to cars bought by parents for their 17 year olds that just got their driving license. The boys may find it hard to appreciate a pink wrap around their new small car but i reckon the girls will love a Chevrolet Spark that’s been delivered in such a form.
Gift wrapped Chevrolet Spark

Heck, perhaps the color underneath the wrap could be the same.
In order to handle demand for gift wraps on new Sparks sold the UK dealers have had to train some of their people specifically for this job. In order to wrap just one Chevrolet Spark ninety nine rolls of adhesive tape totaling some forty six square meters of coverage have to be used.
Gift wrapped Chevrolet Spark

There is one catch however, this limited time offer runs out tomorrow at midnight so go get one before you miss Santa’s list.
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I remember this optin, we bouht our first car this year.
Oh, really a cool option. Why it wasn't actual a year ago?
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