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Chevy Spark catches fire, posts strong early sales results

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By Jeffrey N. Ross

Like most other automakers, cash cows for Chevrolet typically include its trucks and SUVs, but the 2013 Spark put up some pretty big numbers in its first full month on the market in its bid for profitability. According to Ward's Auto, General Motors was only expecting to sell 1,900 of the minicars in August, and customers ended up snagging 2,630 of the South Korean-built city car.

What makes this figure even more impressive is the fact that the Spark hasn't even gotten into full stride yet, as it has only been rolled out in 18 markets across the States. Since it went on sale in July, Chicago has been the Spark's top market, accounting for almost a third of all sales, and "many" sales have come from first-time car buyers. The overall range for Spark customers thus far has been from age 19 up to 83.

Showing off a little New GM restraint, Chevy small-car spokesman Mike Weidman pledges that the automaker won't overreact to the Spark's strong initial start with increased production that could lead to an excessive inventory of models on dealer lots. The budget-priced five-door starts at just $12,995.

Along with the Spark's initial impressive showing, Chevy's other small cars, the Sonic, Cruze and Volt, all set sales records in August.
Chevy Spark catches fire, posts strong early sales results
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Apparently the spark has been out in other countries and have been doing great. I was kinda surprised as well how it was not introduced in to the north american market before hand. Well we will have to see how it does now since its out.
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