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Chevy Spark Demand Spurs Increased Imports

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GM has recently put in the order for more Chevrolet Spark minicars from its plant in Korea, thanks to stronger than expected demand here in North America.

This past July, the Chevy Spark launched in 18 markets in the U.S., and sold 6,313 in its first two months on sale. It beat out both the Scion iQ and smart fortwo during the same time period, and is exceeding GM execs expectations.

Thanks to the demand, GM has reached out to its Korean plant where the Spark is produced and requested more cars. IHS Automotive forecast sales of 27,000 in 2013, and based on the initial demand, the Spark is already on track to out perform the forecast.

Shipments to the U.S. from the Korean plant were also disrupted thanks to partial strikes during the summer, which were resolved in August.

“Our dealers are asking for more,” said Cristi Landy, marketing director for Chevrolet small cars. “We don’t want to make a gut production decision based on two-and-a-half months of sales. But demand has been strong.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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This is good news but I haven't seen a lot of Sparks, so far it's been just a few. By now I expected to see much more of these on the road.
There coming...soon, we're on the cutting edge.
There coming...soon, we're on the cutting edge.
I spotted a few today :D ! Seems like a number of people might be buying them as beaters, leaving their cooler cars to rest for winter.
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