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The EV Spark may not be what everyone needs

The Electric version of the Chevy Spark is more powerful because it uses a large electric motor and battery, but if you are worried by the long charge time, maybe this version is not what you need. This is a city car, and most trips are less than ten miles, so the nightly recharge time is only about an hour or two. If you rather drive until all the battery is discharged, then you have to wait the full amount of recharge time.

Consider this EV as a mobile appliance. Do you recharge your mobile devices nightly, or do you use them until the battery runs down? You can survive without your mobile device, but think ahead with a Spark EV. Then you will plan your life to take good care of it and keep the battery charged every night.

If you want to run even with a discharged battery, or not worry about a long charge time, get the Chevy Volt!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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