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The Chevy Spark recently went on sale in North America, but the micro-compact has already logged 600,000 unit sales since its initial 2009 launch in Korea.

Worldwide markets tend to be more partial to small city cars than here in the U.S., and out of the 600,000 Sparks already sold worldwide, some interesting trends and stats have emerged. For instance, the Spark represents 40 percent of all General Motors vehicle sales in Lebanon. Or in Europe, the Spark sells the best in Italy.

Reading these trends was likely important in the North American re-design, as the car got better ride, more safety features, and improved interior tech for the U.S. market. The Spark is seen as an up and comer’s car in South America, a trend that GM would no doubt like to duplicate here in America.

Color is an important choice for a car, and in Africa, customers favorite color choices are red, cocktail green and atomic blue. Here in America, five color options are available; Salsa, Jalapeno, Denim, Lemonade and Techno Pink.

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Surprised how well the Spark is selling in places like Lebanon and Italy making up for a large percent of Chevy vehicles. The American auto market is different from those, it might be harder to sell the Spark here, but we'll know for sure when 2013 models are finally released!
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