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Later this year, buyers of the Chevrolet Spark who have opted for the exclusive MyLink Radio will have access to BringGo, a navigation and traffic alerts app that will utilize the Spark's seven-inch color touch screen.
MyLink is standard in the minicar's slightly pricier LT version.
"The beauty of BringGo is it gives our Spark customers the safety and functionality of a more expensive navigation system without the need for additional equipment and at a tremendous value," Sara LeBlanc, global program manager for GM infotainment, said in a statment. "It also demonstrates how easy it is to expand and update MyLink Radio's capabilities for Spark."

BringGo will include the following features:
- Emergency contact information
- Points of interest, such as locations and descriptions of nearest eateries
- Where am I? locator
- Live traffic reports
- 3-D maps
- Remaining mileage calculation
- Ability to store maps to the smartphone
The app will not become available until the fourth quarter of 2012, but GM says that a simple update will allow Spark models sold earlier to have the app, operable by radio controls. The app will cost approximately $50.
MyLink Radio operates in connection with the user's Android, BlackBerry or iPhone smartphone; and can also be used with phones with Nokia's Symbian and Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating systems.
"MyLink for Spark was designed with safety in mind," LeBlanc said. "Everything from the screen colors, font sizes, placement of the buttons, number of items per screen - each was considered to create a design that was both simple to use and safe to operate."
MyLink will launch with two embedded apps - Pandora internet radio and Stitcher Smart Radio.
When used with compatible services and devices, MyLink includes the following functions:
- Personal playlists
- Bluetooth-enabled voice dialing
- Video projection via USB when the vehicle is stationary
- Photo album projection in "slideshow" mode via USB, again when the vehicle is stationary, with selected music playing in the background. If the vehicle starts moving, only a single image will be visible.

Chevy Spark MyLink Android, BlackBerry, iPhone App Allows for Enhanced Navigation : Auto News : Auto World News

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From what ive noticed a bettre audio systems was one of the biggest thing missing. A few owners have mentioned thats the first thing they will look in to changing, the audio system. I guess if they do pay attention to consumers they can have this fixed for the later models.
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