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We were recently invited to participate in a scavenger hunt sponsored by Chevrolet Canada. Several teams signed up to take part in this, and the Saturday group included familiar faces like Erin and Jen. We arrived at the Granville Island Hotel and were briefed by the Chevrolet media team.

Although it was a scavenger hunt, it was not a race, as the groups were directed to different urban locations throughout Vancouver. Rather, the purpose was to complete the various tasks and return in one piece. Upon completing the scavenger hunt, our names were entered into a draw for $2,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. It was definitely a worthy afternoon!
They equipped us with a 2013 Chevy Spark in salsa red and an iPad for the scavenger hunt, along with a bag full of objects that would allow us to complete our tasks. A specific app was created just for the scavenger hunt, and had a built in OnStar feature in case we needed help identifying the locations.

It’s @em_pang playing beach volleyball!
— The Pangs (@Pangcouver) July 28, 2012
We started off in Granville Island, and on a busy Saturday afternoon, this is an environment in which the Spark really excelled. We were able to weave in and out of traffic with ease, and were able to squeeze into tight parking spots that would be difficult for most compact cars. We definitely raised a few eyebrows as we darted around town in a vehicle which was plastered with #SPARKCITY hashtags.
Thx to Coco and Lulu for their artistic rendering of the @chevroletcanada Spark. #SparkCity
— The Pangs (@Pangcouver) July 28, 2012
With the help of friendly strangers and the Internet, we completed our tasks for the scavenger hunt, and headed back to the hotel. We both took turns driving to get a feel for how the car drives. Although it’s not as powerful as a MINI, it drives with so much ease, comparable to a Toyota Yaris. May thought it was a cute little car. It’s probably not a vehicle that I would consider purchasing though. One positive is that it’s extremely fuel efficient, so it won’t rob your wallet. It’s rated at 28 mpg in the city, and 37 mpg on the highway. That’s a LOT more fuel efficient than my car. There is even an electric EV version slated for production next year, so I can only imagine that that one will reach 40 mpg.

Once all the groups returned, we were treated to a nice little lunch on Dockside Seafood Restaurant’s outdoor patio. We enjoyed bite-sized menu items, which seemed rather fitting after an afternoon of driving a tiny car around.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon and it was for a good cause. Afterwards, we decided to stick around Granville Island, where we bought some fresh mussels and other ingredients for dinner.
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