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PlugWiz calculator shows financial benefits of driving electric

Drive Clean | Plug-in Electric Vehicle Resource Center

The number of online calculators that can help plug-in drivers discover cost-to-drive savings compared to gasoline vehicles. Yesterday, the EPA announced the eGallon device, which gives a broad overview of gas vs. electricity costs. Another new entrant is the more customizable Plugwiz, which promises to let you "discover the true costs of an electric vehicle."

The reason for that "true cost" line is because you can input all sorts of variables into Plugwiz – utility rates, the plug-in vehicle make and model, what kind of charger you have at home, when you plan to charge, your gas car's mpg and more. Once you feed all the details in, Plugwiz will tell you how much you can save per month.

As cool as it is, Plugwiz would like some of your personal information (email), and it doesn't automatically draw down data on local average gas prices or talk to your utility about price rates, as far as we can see – both of which would be nice features – but there's still a lot of real usefulness here. If you know your numbers, of course. A short statement from Plugwiz is available below.

Plugwiz is available on the California PEV Collaborative website. How much do/would you save?
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