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I own a Jeep wrangler. I drive it every day. I have owned it for two years and put 18000 miles on it. I average 14 miles per gallon because my commute is in town. My average cost for fuel is $232 per month.
I could lease a Spark ev for $999 down and pay that with gm points....cost to me $0
the monthly lease would be $199.
The monthly electricity would be $9.53 based on current miles driven over two years in Jeep. when figuring 5.9 miles per KWH according to the spark EV blog. 127 KWH per month at 7.5 cents per KWH =$9.53
$199+$9.53= $208.53< $232
Plus I could take the $20K of equity in my jeep and invest it in the S&P 500, with an average return of 11% = net + $7352 over 3 years - $7164 (cost of lease)= $188 profit, plus I still have my $20K.
I think you can justify the cost versus the fuel savings if you lease.
Now I just need to move to CA long enough to lease one of these.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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