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Whew! It's finally over. Almost. When Election 2012 gets filed away in some extraterrestrial media-storage device, we hope the rest of the universe looks on us with a sense of pity--because this year's silly season has been sillier than usual.

Especially when it comes to cars. At times, it seemed as if we'd have a serious discussion about the GM and Chrysler loans, about environmental policy, and about the future of mass transportation. And then reality descended--or moderators lost control--and the four nominees for the two highest offices in the land descended into the kind of factless, petty bickering that makes our political process look only slightly more savory than sausage-making.

It's difficult to single out the dumbest things said about cars in the past, well, forty-eight months of this election cycle. That's not to say there aren't some strong front-runners, in both the race to be the next President and Vice President of the United States. We haven't had to stretch back very far in recent memory to come up with some memorable ones--fact-challenged statements that crash into logic like an Italian-owned, Michigan-made sportscar slamming into a taxpayer-funded electric car built in Finland.

Our candidates for the worst moments of this campaign:

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