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Favorite pair of shoes for driving?

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So with my recent move and the need to drive several vehicles (the Spark, a Jeep, and several pick-up trucks), I found that some were downright uncomfortable to drive in formal shoes (such as dress shoes) for long periods of time. In fact I noticed that if you're used to driving with a particular pair of shoes in one car and then switch to another, you will feel it in your back as you get used to the new driving angle.

That being said, my favorite pair of shoes for driving has to be these boots. They are comfortable in every car I've driven, both manuals and automatics, even in automatics where the brake pedal is so far off to the left that using both feet is the only comfortable option.

Anyone else out there prefer a particular pair of shoes to drive in, or wear them to prevent back aches?

Here is a pic of the Jeep where the brake is so far to the left of the steering wheel that you have to drive this way to be comfortable:


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