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So I recently rolled over 10,000 miles in the Spark going cross country from NYC to Iowa and everything was great. Fast forward to today, every time I make a right turn the front end "clunks" and makes a banging noise when the steering wheel is turned to the right. I've parked the car for now, and will not drive it until I can bring it into the dealership, which is Monday. The noise is loud enough to the point where I am concerned and do not want to continue driving for my own safety.

My theory is that the GM factory tie rods don't like the weight of my aftermarket wheels, which were put on at around 8,000 miles. I've had to change the tie rods on every Chevy I've owned, but never at 10,000 miles which is super early. In fact, I just replaced the tie rods on the Vette at 60,xxx miles as the front end was clicking on tight turns. Anyways, this is a huge bummer for me, as the Spark has been great for getting around town in the snow.

I have two options here:

1. Have the dealership diagnose the problem, and pay the dealership if they determine the problem is due to the heavier aftermarket wheels.
2. Jack up the car and take a look at it myself, which is going to be tough in the snow and freezing weather.

Some people have recommended putting the factory wheels back on and taking it into the dealer, but I can't see myself doing this as it's basically cheating GM out of a free repair.

What would you recommend at this point?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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