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Do the fuel rails on the '16-'20 Sparks rattle?
The metal plate inside my fuel rail is loose and rattles around.

The mechanics couldn't tell there was anything wrong, but I knew I was hearing a secondary metal clanking besides the fuel injectors. So I took it out and sure enough the metal plate inside is loose and rattles around. This does not strike me as normal, but as it is a part that seldom needs repair, nobody in AZ carries it, and nobody can tell me if it is normal to rattle or not. I can clearly see through the fuel injector port holes that the metal plate inside runs the whole length of the tube.

I would appreciate anyone's insight.

Here is a 7 second youtube clip of it rattling outside of the vehicle

I attempted to go to the junk yard to find a spark rail to compare, but that didn't work out.
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