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I love my new Spark and glad I bought it, but I am tired of seeing it listed for 12 or 13K. Nothing on the lots in my area, including base models, was ticketed at less than 14.5. I bought a 1LT auto as is, (well, opted for 1200$ in special exterior coatings) and my final bill came to 18.5 Sure, I understand that 2200$ of this was my choice, (auto and the coatings) but it's a sight past 12K. Most ticket prices on the lot models are 15.5. That might drop a bit with the 2014's coming in, but in my area 3 or of 5 have sold off the lot within 48 hours. And the 2014's are going for a few K more.

That said, I still think it is worth it. I considered a Ford c max, (and a Fiat) and now they have come out in the news as "stretching the truth" about mpg - something I suspected intuitively when I tested drove. This also happened with the Kia Soul...."ooops, we were wroooong..."

The real mileage of the C Max is pretty much spot on with what I am getting with my Spark - slightly over 40 mpg- and my car is cuter, more fun, and at least 10 grand less! Do I care if there are "plastics", as everyone says- used? No, I think the era of big heavy metal crunchy cars is passing - those of us buying these lightweight fuel sipping cars (while admittedly waiting to see how diverse hybrid models and E models really pan out) are vanguards of a brave new world- I hope the good kind!
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