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If GM does plans to make this mandatory in all their vehicles, they have lost a customer.

A deal breaker?

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson has revealed the company's 4G initiative could enable them to start selling ads that would be displayed on a vehicle's infotainment system.

The company's internet-connected cars won't start arriving until 2014, but that hasn't stopped Akerson from suggesting they could usher in a whole new revenue stream. As he explained, "What happens if when the logo shows on your screen, it says 'brought to you by Allstate'?" Akerson went on to ask "How many times is that [message] going to pop [up]? And how much can you get from Allstate?"

Akerson seemed to be floating the idea, but it's likely to draw sharp criticism from consumers who want to keep ads out of their automobile. However, it remains unclear if consumers could get some kind of benefit - like cheaper service or free updates - in exchange for putting up with the ads.
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