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There are some major changes going on at GM. GM is going to overhaul its product line with new models at a pace that is as fast as Ford, replacing 24% of its sales volume annually with new products. That is twice as much as its average for the past two decades. John Murphy, report analyst and author, expects GM to put $37.2 billion in liquidity into its products.

The company's truck line is currently in the midst of an overhaul, which is expected to increase GM's bottom line by billions of dollars. At Cadillac there are plans to widely expand the portfolio with about 10 new or redesigned models planned for 2015. This move is part of the plan to move Cadillac upmarket so it can compete with its German rivals.

I can't help, but be excited for all the new GM products coming out, but I also wonder what this says about the current state of GM.
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