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GM will Integrate Apple’s Siri into its New Chevy Spark and Sonic Cars

General Motors announced at the L.A. Auto Show that it is the first of nine auto companies to integrate Apple’s new Eyes Free feature that sums one-button Siri practicality from the steering wheel of the car. The first cars to use Siri functionality will be Chevrolet Sonic RS and LTZ and also Spark 1LT and 2LT.
GM’s press release stated that an iPhone that works on iOS 6 platform is required and by pairing it with Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system via Bluetooth the feature starts working. Once paired, the driver can play songs from iTunes, make hand-free calls, change the car’s FM/AM/XM radio modes, send text or iMessages, make appointments, view calendars, and answer to national holiday dates and game scores.
The new feature Siri won’t be capable of answering complex questions that need displaying a web page and doing so it will be distracting the driver’s concentration, said GM. The new Siri featured car will be available early in 2013.
The Eyes Free mode enables the driver to interact with the iPhone through voice and the screen display light will be turned off.
Owners simply have to pair their iPhone with the MyLink system via Bluetooth and use the voice activation button to start and close the sessions in Siri’s Eyes Free mode.
For the new Sonic RS and Spark, owners can use the Siri feature in Eyes Free mode to make hands-free, voice-activated calls to their iPhone Contacts, play songs from iTunes library, and even change automatically from AM/XM/FM mode to the iPod mode.
Cristi Landy, Chevrolet’s marketing director for mini cars said about the new Siri feature that it shows the commitment of the company towards small cars by featuring Siri in the new Sonic and Spark before featuring it in the luxury brand cars. Safety, reliability, portability, and easy connectivity are the high priorities for the customers and Siri adds the MyLink’s capabilities to give an exceptional driving experience.
Both Sonic and Spark come with OnStar’s Connections service and premium Directions. OnStar provides further security, safety, and connectivity to these cars and also includes services like the Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, and Vehicle Diagnostics.
Most smartphone users can have the RemoteLink Mobile application that helps OnStar subscribers to manage and control some vehicle functions with their smartphone.
Chevrolet is now one among the world’s top car brands doing business in almost 140 countries and marketing more than 4 million trucks and cars a year.
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