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I've been bugging the wife for a smaller 'toad' - the vehicle we tow behind our Winnebago motorhome. We've been towing a Chevy Colorado 4x4 pickup for the past six years, and while it's a great vehicle, it tips the scales at about 4500lbs when loaded up for a trip. The RV can tow it, but it's a lot of weight, so we crawl up passes at 40-45, and if it's windy or a lot of semi-trucks passing, it wags the coach all over making driving a big chore. After about 300 miles on the road I'm ready to pull off for the day.

The new Spark is really cute, drives like a champ with the 5-speed Stick, AC is ice cold, plenty of room for the two of us, and hopefully a dog or two, and our two ebikes on a rack at the back. I've ordered a hitch and a rack, a towing baseplate from ETrailer. I have a Blue-Ox tow bar and a BrakeBuddy brake unit. Can't wait. 2250lbs is a literally TON less than the pickup!!

Going in for window tint in couple of days, and it needs a set of alloy wheels. Wife really likes it, she'll drive it instead of the pickup for her personal around-town car.

GM Financial had zero-interest financing - how can you beat that? Got a couple of grand off the price too. I guess they're begging for customers during this pandemic.

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