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The Chevrolet Spark is already an affordable subcompact, but is it possible to get it for under $10,000? It’s certainly possible when you look to our northern neighbors.

If you’re cash-strapped, you may be looking at ways to save some money on a new vehicle. Maybe you’ve considered cross-border shopping? Due to the favorable exchange rate between Canada and the U.S., some American citizens travel up north to buy consumer goods on the cheap. But you’ll notice that Canadian items usually carry a higher MSRP than their U.S. equivalents to make up for the exchange rate.

One car seems to have it backwards, and that’s the bare-bones Chevrolet Spark. Already a pretty affordable car in the U.S., the Canadian version is priced significantly lower despite having the same equipment. In the U.S., a base Spark LS costs $13,535 after destination. In Canada, the same Spark LS costs $11,595 including taxes and freight (Canada’s version of destination fees). Not only does the Canadian Spark have a lower base price, but that figure is in Canadian dollars. Converted into to U.S. dollars, the price rings in at around $8,780 using the current exchange rate.

So, in theory, you can get the Spark for a huge discount.

But things aren’t always that easy. If you wanted to cash in on this bargain you would have to deal with a tough and potentially confusing car import process. You can see the whole gauntlet of instructions at the U.S. customs and border protection website, but we’ve got some advice from importers about how to still save some money while importing a car.
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