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Huge sale on Chevrolet Spark attracting the buyers

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Moms, college students senior and other those who are not a customer of the General motors are now so much interested in the purchase of the brand.

Around 54 percent of the Spark buyers are those who are not regular customers of General Motors which is actually the best thing a brand can have.

According to Covert who purchases two of the showrooms of the Chevy in Texas said, “ I placed an order of 25 more Sparks. Everyone wants it as it is not just about the youths but also the big business men are showing their interest in the car.

Heavy sale on the Spark has shocked both the executives as well as the dealers of the GM. The popularity is actually because the mini cars made in Korea arrive with a very minute profit. Most of the automakers have ignored the fact that the auto market in the U.S. has been demanding for a minicar that cost less to the pockets of customers.

According to the marketing director Cristi Landy for the mini cars of Chevrolet, “ It is very much difficult for us to predict that how much boom the market of the minicars will create. So we entered into the market with the limited number of the cars and now the dealers of the brand want number of cars from us. Though it’s a problem of arranging so many vehicles in a short time to the dealers, but I would say it’s a good problem.”

The Spark for the starting is only available in the 18 metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angles etc. The company also invested so much on the promotional ad in these cities and as a result, in the month of July and August the company sold 4,090 cars which was far more than the expectations of the GM. This count is actually very huge compared with the competitors like Scion IQ as well as Smart ForTwo.

Though Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper are also the same sized cars to that of Spark, GM don’t see them as a direct competitor as the sticker price of the Spark is much less as compared to them. The price of Sparks with shipping charges is only $12,995.

As per the prediction made by the HIS Automative, there are around 27,000 all new Spark will be sold by 2013 in the market of the U.S. This prediction is based on the demand of the car by now. It also seems that if everything goes right for the company then the sale of the company may even exceed from what is predicted.

Many of the features that are available in the Spark is not offered by any of the other rivals. This is a main objective as to why this car is assumed to crack the market and go far ahead in the competition.
The owner of the Chey’s showroom in Gaithersburg said, “ the brand offers a lot to the people which no one ever expected at such a low price.”
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