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Infographic: How Much Cash Can DIY Auto Repairs Really Save?

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The internet has been a boon for folks who like doing things for themselves. Need to install some tile? Transplant a tree? Fix a leaky gutter? Run a quick search on Google -- or better yet, skim the offerings on YouTube -- and you'll find that most of those projects are well within your reach. But while home improvement has been a big deal on the DIY front, most folks seem less eager to tackle car repairs on their own. Even though there are plenty of web videos explaining how to change fan belts and fix upholstery, Everyday Joes and Janes are more wary of working on machines -- especially machines they depend on every day. (The fact that these machines are highly complex and that repairs often require specialized equipment doesn't make the prospect any less daunting -- just ask the folks pushing Right to Repair legislation.)
Despite those hurdles, however, many auto repairs are manageable with a little patience and a few simple tools. And if you don't mind swapping an hour of watching bathroom upgrades on the DIY Channel for an hour of tinkering in your garage, you can save a tidy chunk of change, too.
How much change, exactly? The folks at AutoMD have built a clever infographic to show you. Changing your own headlights may only save $19, but switch out your air filter (which takes less time, by the way), and the savings soar to $42. And if you don't mind a little heavy lifting, installing a new battery can keep almost $110 in your wallet.
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