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Introducing Myself

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Joined the forum moments ago.
Saturday 6/14, I drove off the dealer lot in a 2014, Summit White, LS Automatic. I called my salesperson 24 hours later & asked if I could bring it back & get what I originally wanted, (the one they did not have). Monday morning she called & said bring it back. They put me in a loner, 2014 Silverado, (about 4 times the size of the Spark). They located my car, about 100 miles north, and I picked it up Tuesday 6/17.
I now have my 2014, Summit White Chevy Spark 1LT, manual 5-speed.
The LS auto was my first experience with CVT, (and last).
Love my 1LT, 4 co-workers also "love" my Spark, it is a real hit at work.
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I will soon post a pic of the Summit White 1LT, as I believe it is the sharpest lookin' little "sportster" I've seen in a long while. I ordered mud flaps from Ebay, shipping out of Texas, but just realized, I 'm gonna have difficulty installing the rear, with no jack!
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