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Issues with My link and usb / blue tooth

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Not a bad little scooter type car.

I do have a couple of questions that I hope can get answered here.

So, 2015 Spark with Mylink and I'm trying to get my Samsung Galaxy S4 to play nicely with it, either Bluetooth or USB.

My first question is: short of waiting for notices from the dealers is there any way of finding out if there are any firmware updates for My link, that I can download to my computer and then add through the usb?

and second: In either case, I can get the radio to see (pair) with the phone, but although the car pretends to, and goes through the motions, I get no audio from the phone. not music, not phone. I should mention here that it's a Verizon phone ported to Straight Talk, and besides the phone having 16G internal, it has a 16G sim chip in it as well

Tried calling Chevy / GM / OnStar, and no one can seem to help.

Someone here?

Thank you,

Ron V.
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bump. still having a problem with this
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