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Nintendo is a video game company. Providing us with a glimpse of Katrina. This is a little glimpse of Katrina without showing us the full-fledged, mythical panther. We have her silent words on our phone screens instead. It's not the same. For a long time, the ACNH community has hoped that Katrina and the luck mechanic will return to New Horizons. Sure, it was awkward at times, but we loved getting this hidden random mechanic in the background manipulating little stuff. Animal Crossing Custom Design Slots Guide simply added new content to the game, tweaked minor specifics, and made life in your town a bit more chaotic. However, New Horizons seem to have altered some of the game's mechanics.

Many aspects of the game have been simplified by the developers. As a consequence, some of the minor specifics were omitted. Unfortunately, Katrina seems to be a part of those information right now. Katrina has been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise since its inception. Her job isn't overly difficult much of the time. She will appear at random around your place, or at her assigned locations in later games, and for a small fee, she will tell the player their fortune. You had to speak to Katrina in the early games to get your luck, whether good or bad.

Various events in the game were influenced by luck. The original Animal Crossing and City Folk each had a similar luck mechanic: the luck of the day could cause 1000 ACNH Bells to fall from a tree (300 in City Folk) instead of the usual 100, villagers of the opposite gender to follow you around more, trees and villagers to give you rare Animal Crossing Objects, or for the unlucky, have villagers refuse to talk to you. In Wild World, good luck influenced villager gift-giving opportunities, while poor luck caused the player to slip and crash. The luck mechanic was updated to a whole new standard in New Leaf. After 20 conversations with Katrina, she decided to open a shop on Main Street where she could be approached every day. Your luck had a chance to be set to one of five separate luck categories each day until midnight: money, relationship, passion, object, or health. There are positive and poor luck cases in each group.

Many of the effects from previous games were retained, but many new ones were introduced, such as bees flying slower, mosquitos and jellyfish being less likely to surface, and farting while seated in a chair. Farting is considered unlucky. It was still too much fun to discover these little things. Tripping and slipping weren't particularly bothersome, even though you were having a bad day. Sure, it made you loose all your balloons, but it still made you laugh every now and then. When shaking trees or conversing with farmers, the good fortune was always a pleasant treat.

Here's where the issue of how Katrina fits into New Horizons arises. That is a fantastic query. As of the most recent upgrade, we will be able to see her lovely face in an app. The Nintendo Switch Online app will be updated to include Nook Points, which players will earn and redeem for rewards each day. The film is set to hit theaters in late March. So, given that it's now late March, hopefully soon. Anyway, once it does, there's a section at the bottom of the screen where you can see Katrina's wise thoughts. "Sometimes what is yours could be best used as someone else's," says the next screenshot. It's difficult to say whether this is a positive or bad omen, but it's unlikely to affect the game, and her comments will serve as guidance. Katrina doesn't seem to be a good match for this app. If you're going to log in every day, a daily fortune to keep you entertained for a second isn't totally out of the question. Let's hope Nintendo didn't take the easy way out by including Katrina in New Horizons. Perhaps it's a glimpse at Katrina's potential in the New Horizons world. Or maybe they just figured it would be cute if you had a daily fortune when you went to get your Nook Points for the day.

We all want to believe she's back, but the fact that New Horizons is a little simpler to play than previous games in the series leads you to believe that a luck mechanism will be too difficult for the game they want New Horizons to be. And though it was as plain as the Wild World's positive, evil, and neutral luck scheme. For certain members of the group, the little extra mechanics in New Leaf make the game more fun than New Horizons. Instead of being parked on Main Street as in New Leaf, Katrina might be a chance encounter for us to enjoy. It's ironic that they'll retain real genetics for hybrid flowers while removing the game's long-standing lock system. Perhaps the 2.0 update will shed more light on how the remainder of 2021 will play out.

Special characters and the enjoyable mechanics they contributed to the Animal Crossing series are missed by the audience. Maybe this is the only way we'll see Katrina in New Horizons, but at the very least Nintendo hasn't forgotten about her. We can only hope that our prayers will be answered in the future, and that the developers will continue to listen to what the group has to say.
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